Meet the Founders.

Jeremy Thomas

Co-Founder, SocialChurch ©

Jeremy Thomas is a Born-Again Christian from Boston, MA, and son of Pr. Thomas Idiculla.

Jeremy has had the great privilege of serving his local church, Boston Christian Assembly, for over 10 years in the Media & Tech Functions, and now as a Board Member of BCA Church.

He is currently finishing his studies at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Finance.

Having grown up in the technical functions of the Church, Jeremy has collected a good grasp of Church Dynamics, the limited nature of Church Budgets, and the growth opportunity Churches have to Minister to a world that is in need of one solution: Jesus Christ.

 In the summer prior to his senior year at Bentley University, Jeremy received internship offers from renowned Corporations and Government Agencies in the United States, including Eventide Asset Management, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and Liberty Mutual.

 Jeremy decided to decline all of them and instead pursue his passion and talent in digital media.

Today, Jeremy and his company, KRISTO MEDIA (dba), have been fortunate to create content for some prominent names in the US, including DJ Khaled; Los Angeles Lakers Coach Phil Handy; Chicago Bulls Guard Demar Derozan; Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide Receiver Russel Gage; Rachel Scheer, and many more.

But after sensing a burning in his spirit to use his passion for the Kingdom, Jeremy has decided to radically pursue the mission of using social media to extend the Message of The Gospel, and ultimately fulfill God’s Plan for his life.

Pr. Devon Frye

Co-Founder, SocialChurch ©

Pastor Devon Frye has been married to the stunning Natalia Frye for 7 years and is obsessed with his wife. They have two sons Zion Joshua & Ezra James.

Pr. Devon is a sought after communicator, teaching pastor, young adults pastor, certified marriage counselor, seminary graduate, pastors university graduate, and regional pastor over multi-site connect church. He is a dynamic communicator and uses a tandem of passion and humor to deliver life altering messages.

As an entrepreneur, he has successfully launched his own coaching program in the beginning of this year that has already impacted the lives of 50 individuals.

Pastor Devon, a bible college graduate, competitive basketball player and a leadership savant, is sure to touch your heart through storytelling and change your life with his coaching strategies.